A Monocle Eye on Ken Leung


In charge of being the art-director of Monocle from the beginning, Ken Leung’s contributions has now evolved into its larger presence today. These are diverse pages from a magazine which has subsequently grown after his departure and has become thoroughly established.

Berlin Mitte consists of microcosms of specialised individuals working on a variety of products. Here, Jörn Rischke makes men’s leather goods with German cowhide from 19th century machines and his partner Claudine Brignot makes womenswear. Peter O. Mahler is a womenswear designer with a slick appearing showroom of his collections

Volume 1 Issue 8 November 2007

Issue 31 Volume 4 March 2010 – Photography by Shigekazu Onuma

Featured below are Ingrid Richards and her partner and Adrian Spence. Young architectural practices such as theirs in sunny Brisbane and government grants with the cultural arts sector have uprooted and will potentially overshadowed both Sydney and Melbourne in major constructed spaces and interior spaces.

For Monocle, there are 5 main sections. Affairs, Business, Culture, Design and Edits. Following pages are also interspersed with short snippets of latest building projects, smart planning or newsworthy updates around the world

In Braunau, Australia, Doppler is still making handmade umbrellasGoing to voting booths for elections is now also a pleasurable experience. Blueroom Design Studio, Innovativoli Industridesign and Kadabra Produckt Design designed Norway's official proposal for associated collateral and booths High fashion periodicals don't connect as directly as Monocle. It's a total refreshment with clothes dressed for grace and elegance. Pictured are beautiful Bottega Venta sandalsMonocle's Fashion Editor Takaharu Sato provides on opened view on fashion choices setting women free from magazinesInnovative technologies developing new materials for Mover's ski goodsFeatured are Bottega Veneta jacket (left), bowtie dress by Yves Saint Laurent and Boss Black shoes